Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun Photos


Being friends with a fabulous photographer sure has its pluses. Yesterday we went to the park for a friends birthday, I didn't even realize Amber took these, let alone got such good pictures. She is really talented! Here are some of my favorites.


Kaylee and her friends got in on the action. Despite the fact my daughters hair looks horrible (she wanted to do it herself), I love these photos, because they show Kaylee how she is, just busy with her friends. Despite all the wonderful friends I have made from our mom's group, I love that Kaylee and Charlie have made so many wonderful friends as well.


TUTU Monkey said...

Those are great pictures.....charlie sure looks like you in the first one....such a cutie!!!

I love the playing kids pictures really captures their true spirit and Amber is great at capturing it!!

Happy Saturday!

Nana Banana said...

My heart just bursts when I see those beautiful kids.
Could Charle be any cuter?
And Kaylee, well she is just a party animal having so much fun with her friends.

Erin said...

Those are really cute pictures of Charlie!

rayraygirls said...

awesome pics! Amber is the best!

Barley Family said...

You guys make it easy to get good photos with your cute kids!!! :) I love photographing them!! :) and I love you all!

Michelle said...

Such great pictures! Charlie looks like such a cutie! I would love to meet him some day. I love Kaylee playing with all the kiddos. This is such a great age!