Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Mom, I want to be....

I am not going to lie, this costume was not easy to figure out, but I didn't want to tell her it wasn't possible.

So, I did my best, and she loved it, which was the point. Kyle says she is going to kill me in 10 years for making this one, but I think it is funny. It is much more creative than her usual princess request! We will see what she comes up with next year!
Charlie of course wanted to be old lightyear! His head was so big, the helmet part didn't really fit, so by that night, he was over it. Once he understood that people were handing out free candy, he was a trick-or-treating maniac. He mostly just echoed his sister, but the funniest part was at the end of the exchange of candy, Kaylee would say "thank you," the owner would say, "your welcome." Charlie, who was doing his best to keep up, copied the last words said, so as he walked off candy in hand he would yell back "your welcome," followed by a "let's do another house." I am pretty sure he takes the cake for the ruddiest trick-or-treater ever and yet was loved by everyone!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

B is for...

Baby Brennan's Baptism.

My little nephew was batized this past weekend. I was the godmother and I helped my Sister-in-law prepare for the party. I created the logos, and the whole yard was decorated in grey, yellow, and white...I will post more pictures later (I left my computer up there, ay, ay, ay).

B is also for Baseball and burnt out!

I was so tired from our trip (Kaylee and I drove up to Santa Rosa and back, while Kyle and Charlie went camping with friends). Every night I stayed up late drinking wine and chatting and then woke up early. Getting home, it was back to school for the kids and organizing for me. Last night my awesome husband took the kids to the Padre's game, and I got the night off (phew).

B is for Brave!

Brave, that's right! I have decided that changing my direction and going after my dreams at my age is brave! I often would battle with being content with staying home with my kids my whole life. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing, I throughly enjoyed and feel blessed that I got to stay home with my kids while they were infants, but I also worried about what I was going to do as they got older.
I moved towards teaching before Kaylee was born thinking the schedule would be perfect, but I didn't really love it, or have a passion for it, so, going back to it, was hard to talk myself into.
Then, so my mind wasn't always occupied with poopy diapers and developmental milstones, I got into the business of crafting. I really enjoyed it at first, but realized shortly afterwards that the time that would go into hand-crafted items was never going to be worth what you made in the end. With that said, I was looking to outsource my designs and learning all I could about the industry. After the maufactoring licenses (most people don't even know they need), and the sales, and tons of clothing I was going to produce, I stepped away...The truth is it was never my intention to produce a million outfits, so I could make a couple of bucks off of each one. It just seemed so wasteful, and took everything out of the crafting/design industry that I did like, which was producing and owning one of-a-kind things.
I start classes on Monday, and I can't express how excited I am (a tad nervous too), but mostly excited.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

San Diego Loving

I definitely think my kids are spoiled with where they live. Kyle has been taking them surfing lately, and yesterday we picked Kaylee up from school and hit the beach!

Charlie has decided seaweed is monsters so, he didn't get into the water yesterday, but Kaylee loved it! Afterwards, Kaylee asked if I had ever surfed. I laughed and said, "no." She was just shocked someone would be my age and never had surfed! Like I said, SPOILED! Haha...I wouldn't have it any other way!

PS:Still going strong on my operation of getting stuff done! The couch is almost complete and we started painting the studio! Pictures will be coming...

Soccer Girl

Kaylee started another season of soccer. She is loving it so far. She gets anxiety before the games, but once she gets out there, she is having a great time! It is so fun to watch. Way to go Kaylee!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 3...Cushions

That is right, I am finally getting my couch cushions done! This challenge is working! I wish I could get the whole couch done in one day! It is going to take a few...

My new rug arrived this morning too. It has been so awesome to wake up and seriously get stuff done! Now, off to the dentist..ugh! My goal is to get the back cushions done today...wish me luck! I think I will need it.

PS: The adorable pumpkin was a gift from Pam Small. They were very reasonably priced, and has been one of my favorite gifts. It has a little Cinnamon stick as the stem..too cute! If she makes some more this year I will have to post how to get them... can you believe it is already fall!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reuse, Recycle...and Clear Some Space!

So, I have a month! The kids are in school, but I don't start till October. I have been saying all summer, "I will get it done in September!" Well, September is here and I have run out of excuses. My studio is done (by done I mean built). I can't wait to share the pictures,but it still needs to be painted...and since I have issues on picking things out for myself (in this case, a color) isn't done yet! So, I decided that I am going to challenge myself to get at least one thing done each day in September and I will post it here so you can all yell at me when I don't post (by yell I mean, write in capital letters...YELLING..see, scary!).

So, to get started:
Day 1: A stylish chair
The Before: desk chair $3.50 at a local thrift shop!

After: padded, and stylish!
Day 2:
Before: Kaylee's dirty, old car-seat!

After: Charlie's new stylish ride! Kyle is now trying to steal it for his happening!

More to come...stay tuned!

Back to School

Kaylee started preschool today. She was really excited to be going full day and seeing her friends. It is such an odd feeling I have. I am really excited for her, but of course a part of me misses her. I guess it is that my little girl is growing up! It was actually really nice seeing her old teachers, they were wonderful support for Kaylee (and me), when my mom passed. They gave me a huge hug when we came in and said they were excited about me starting school and to have Kaylee back (I mean how nice is that)!

Kaylee said she wanted to nap today, she hasn't taken a day nap in about 2 years, so it isn't going to happen, but I sent her with all her stuff anyways. They have these cute little cots they lay out for the nappers, and I know she really just wants to try one of those out! I wonder how long she will sit there before she realizes it wasn't as awesome as she had hoped!

Here is to being another year older, and new beginnings! Cheers...