Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who let the mom's out, whoot, whoot!

picture: compliments of Tutumonkey, since the waiter didn't want to take 12 pictures.

Margaritas, good food, a ton of laughs, margaritas, oh wait, I already said that.... Another Mom's night out, with the most fabulous mom's I know. I have said many times that I am so greatful for the friendships I have made, and I mean it. These beautiful women have showed me what friendship is all about, and unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. My only complaint, the nights are long enough... next mom's night out is going to have to be a slumber party, hmm, or a girls weekend away. I better stop here!


TUTU Monkey said...

By the time the kids are in High School we will be having a girls WEEK......AWAY....!!

(( Huge Hugs))

rayraygirls said...

So, should I steal this pic too? I didn't have my camera last night! I agree that the nights are not long enough.........i could have talked till the early morning.


Nana Banana said...

I am soo happy you have such wonderful friends in San Diego.
What a blessing.