Monday, November 10, 2008

7 Secrets

I have been tagged by my friend Kelly to tell 7 secrets about myself........

1. I check my weight everyday, even when I am not dieting. I don't know why, I guess I think I am miraculously going to lose 10 lbs without doing anything?

2. I like (sometimes need) to know every detail about anything. I will sometimes research random subjects just so I know all the answers. Strange, I know, but I don't like when people talk about things like they know the answers when they really don't, so I try not to do that.

3. I will stand up for a friend or family member, but have a hard time standing up for myself.

4. I wish everyone could just get along all the time. I know that is impractical, but hate, jealousy, and confrontation make me uncomfortable (especially when I take part in any of those things). I think it all comes down to our own insecurities. I think it is nice to have that one friend you can call and be "petty" with, and then just say okay I am dropping this now. Luckly, I have one of those friends.

5. I think change is healthy and good, but people can only change what they are willing to see is wrong about themselves, which is really the hardest step. When things would go wrong in the past, I would usually jump to point the finger as to what everyone else did wrong. Now, I try to just look at my actions, good or bad, and learn from the experience. It is up to others to recognize their own problems.

6. I am a highly organized mess! I can tell you where everything is, but my house is a mess. I kind of dislike when the cleaning lady comes, because I can't find anything. It drives my husband crazy.

7. I like being with friends, but I also like my alone time (I often actually force myself to be more social). I was raised with three brothers, and enjoyed doing "boy stuff" some of the time, but I would often sneak away and spend many hours doing "girl stuff" by myself. Every once in a while I would drag my little brother into the "girl stuff," (sorry Kevin), but I like to credit myself for his musical talent. Once I made him sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb," 50 times in a row, because I had a music teacher tell me that we had such horrible singers in the world because as kids no one corrected them when they sang bad. Poor kid, he was like three years old. He is now 22 and still remembers that. Now I laugh when Kaylee sings (or shouts) and I am like, "wow, that was beautiful."


Ashley said...

Holy moly, I feel like I just read my own biography. Especially the messy but extremely organized house, haha!! Your great I know what I like ya so much :)

Barley Family said...

ha ha, I could totally write the exact same thing as #6...Everyone is always asking me where something is and I just know...and I feel the same way about our cleaning lady!