Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Just, who am I going to marry?"

I just got exciting news that a good friend of mine is engaged (Yeah MRS. COlVIN), and have a funny story about Kaylee to tell:

So, rewind forward to Sunday. We are getting ready for our Christmas pictures and Kaylee is sitting on my bathroom sink, "getting pretty." She spots my wedding rings on the counter, picks them up, and says, "wow these are very beautiful rings."

I kind of jump, and say, "oh yes, you have to be very careful with those. Daddy gave those to mommy and asked her to marry him."
Kaylee then says, "I want daddy to ask me to marry him?"
Me: "Oh no, daddy can't marry you, you have to find your own prince."

After pictures...

I get a call on my cell phone driving home and it is the future Mrs. Colvin telling the story of the engagement.
I tell Kaylee the good news.
Kaylee: "Just, who am I going to marry... Can I marry Uncle Kevin?"
Me: "No, you can't marry your uncle."
Kaylee: "But, I just want to get married."


I am on Facebook, have not been on in a while, but all of a sudden a few friends contacted me all at once... Anyway, Kaylee walks up and I am writing on the future Mrs. Colvin's page. Kaylee sees the diamond ring (her profile picture), and says,
"Maybe I can get married after (the future Mrs. Colvin)?"
Me: "Yes, maybe"
Kaylee: "Just, who am I going to marry?"
Me: (rolling my eyes, thinking here we go again) "Umm, I don't know, one day you will have to find someone you love and who loves you, and that will be who you marry."
Kaylee: "but, where do I find him."
Me: "I don't know."
Kaylee: "Maybe in the forest?"


Jill said...

Oh my gosh! To too cute! I love it!!!

Alliegatorfables said...

Ha-ha.The forest is a great place to look.

rayraygirls said...

kaylee, stay away from the forest!

Jamie B said...

Tell Kaylee that she can marry Aiden... Aiden would love to marry her. Is it illegal to arrannge marriages? HEHE!!

To cute she is!!!

* TONYA * said...

a woodsman, fabulous choice ha ha. She's too funny.

Rev D said...

Well... I don't think Dave and I will get married in a forrest... but I'm sure there'll be some cute almost 4 year olds at our wedding... we'll try hard to set her up... She is just too cute!
Oh... and I am just TOO excited to be the "future Mrs. Colvin"!!! YAY!

my little buttercup said...

You ladies are so funny!