Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pay it forward...feeling inspired!

My mom has inspired me many times in my lifetime, and tonight, in a simple conversation, she has inspired me again.

My mom owns and runs and pre-school, and has for over 30 years. Often it is the case that she gets parents who come in and think their children are brilliant, only to find out that they are simply average, at best (which is not a bad a thing).

She was explaining tonight that she has one child at her school currently, that truly is brilliant. He can already scan read things like the newspaper, or directions to a game (a skill way beyond 4 year old level).

As he approaches kindergarten, his parents, who can't afford private education, have not expected anything more than for their child to go to the local public school, which is, well, not great.

My mom, knowing that this brilliant child would only get swallowed with the sub-par education system, was determined to get him in the best school possible.

At first there was talk about maybe making up stories about him living in a different zip code, and other sorts of things, but it just didn't seem right.

Finally, my mom came to the decision to just call the best school in the district and see... after explaining that she has been in the industry for more than 30 years, has dedicated her life to the education of children, and that this particular child deserved more than to be lost in our system, the school responded with, "the best we can do is put him on a wait list, and call the parents if there is an opening."

Before hanging up the phone, my mom said, "okay, but make sure to put a star by his name, because when they do call him in, and he blows you way, I want you to remember I told you so."

Not 5 minutes later the family got a phone call. It turns out that the school gets more funding for "extraordinary" students, and they wanted to bring their child in for testing.

Even writing this, it brings a tear to my eye. If ever a person did this for one of my children I would be eternally grateful. I know my mom re-wrote that child's story, and that is incredible.

The father had called my mom later that day, to say thank you, and that he had decided a few days earlier to just leave the answer to God and pray for the best. My mom found this to be the most outstanding part; since she is way to modest to have called a school and made such bold claims.

I guess god works in mysterious ways. And, I am now inspired to go out of my way to help someone else. I don't know when the time will present itself, but I am ready for when it does. I hope you are inspired as well.


mrsmottz said...

Balling my eyes out! What a great story! I'll be on the look out too!

Barley Family said...

mmmm, I love this!! You're so right that God works in mysterious way, ways in which we can not even forsee how something will work out. Thanks for the inspriation, and sharing your moms power of believing in someone!

Jamie B said...

Love your MOM!! What a great story! And a good lead into the weekend. It's going to be a good one! What an amazing thing!

Alliegatorfables said...

Great story Colleen! I am off to help someone!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful and inspirational story! Kudos to your Mom for holding her ground and *really* really helping this family out (when not much help exists). I think she just did inspire many of us to go the extra step. Thank you. :)

TUTU Monkey said...

What a wonderful story......what a blessing. Who knows the great things this child will go on to do......Yeah to your MOm!!!!