Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Lovin’

That is right! Summer is here…YAHOO!

On Sunday night, the Coronado summer concerts in the park started, and we enjoyed a night of cocktails, picnicking, and a whole lot of dancing.
Charlie was all over the place, but stopped every once in a while to eat some more food. Next concert I am apparently going to have to bring a 5 course meal for Charlie….

Kaylee cared mostly about dancing with her good friend Sarah.

Kyle and I enjoyed the night with some wine and chatting with some good friends, followed with chasing Charlie around. Our little bruiser met lots of new “friends” as he waddled around everyone’s picnic blankets.
We are looking forward to many more summer concerts this year.

Earlier in the day, we got to see our good friends from up North. Kaylee and Charlie loved visiting with them, and Kaylee is still gleaming over the lip gloss Carly gave her.
Thanks Carly…not sure, but my daughter may have eaten half of the tube by now, or snorted it, she has gotten it dangerously close to her nose a few times?


TUTU Monkey said...

What a GREAT looking family!!!! Love the first picture!!!

Your camera is great...your pictures are so vibrant.

We had so much fun with you guys on Sunday. We are looking forward to many more Sundays!

Nana Banana said...

Looks like you all had a great time.
Happy Summer!