Monday, July 27, 2009

Firefigher Olympics!

Last week we went to Anaheim, hence the Disneyland pictures on my facebook account (if your not my friend, become one!). They were the hosts this year for the California Firefighter Olympics. After one team member injured his knee, and Kyle had to go get 7 stitches in his shin, the San Diego team took 2nd place.

I am glad my husband enjoys playing, but that is not really what I go for. The firefighters have so many fun activities for both the adults and kids. We stayed at the host hotel, which was occupied with all other firefighters and their families. It was amazing, because everyone would hang-out outside their rooms, and say hi and offer you a drink as you walked by. Every night they would have free drinks and music, and depending on the theme, an activity.
The only time Charlie looks small!
The kids played in the "kids Olympics" while mom and dad had drinks. They swam all day with all the other kids, and of course there was our trip to Disneyland.

One night they had a casino night! They had all these games set up and for every one hundred dollars you won, you got a ticket to put into raffles (set up like an action, and Disneyland, banks, etc, donated REALLY good prizes). Not much of a gambler, I gave my complimentary token to my husband and took the kids up to watch the Disneyland fireworks off our balcony.

We needed cookies and milk to watch the fireworks!
My husband ended up winning $1500!!! Unfortunately it was not real money, and we ended up not winning any of the raffles! It was worth the experience though. And our next trip will be to Las Vegas (just kidding).

The casino room, we told Kaylee the sign said, "no kids aloud," good thing she can't read.
Actually, our next trip is in a couple of days to Vancouver, BC. Thank goodness we already have the kids passports! I don't think I had a passport till I went to college, Charlie is not even 1 1/2 and this will be his second stamp in his passport! We are attending the Firefighter World Olympics, and it is supposed to be amazing. The city has raised $3 million dollars, and various other donations, to throw this 10 day shin-dig! There is something like 10,000 athletes competing (which is bringing a huge amount of money back to the city). It is also where the actual Winter Olympics is going to be, so they are seeing this as a mini trial run. It should be a good time! GO USA SOCCER!


TUTU Monkey said...

HOW FUN!! I love that picture of Kayee eating her cookie......I smile that big for cookies too!!

Miss you guys:)

Nana Banana said...

So fun and so cute. Looks like you all had a great time.

ANNA BANANNA'S blog said...

What fun!!! Hi there! Thanks for the sweet comment- Oh boy do I wish we had a place in San Diego too! And I am not kidding either!!! Your family is darling & so are your adorable clothes- great blog! I will definitely be back again~ and who knows... maybe we will have a blissful living & domestic bliss out there someday & I may take you up on your offer!

domestic bliss said...

oops- I just commented under the wrong person!- So- now you know who this is writing back-!