Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teddy Bears, parades, concert in the park, and fireworks...oh my!

This fourth of July weekend started with one of Kaylee's "best friends" birthday parties. The theme was "teddy bear tea" which I just thought was so cute! All the girls brought their teddy bears all dressed up to play games and eat cupcakes together. I made a little outfit for Kaylee's bear with the left over fabric from her fourth of july outfit, and Kaylee got a real kick out of matching. Of course, when I finished, Kaylee asked if I could next make them matching Mulan dresses (Kaylee's favorite princess right now, although Mulan is not a princess, I don't have the heart to tell her that). I just said sure! I am really going to have to search for a pattern for that one
On the fourth, we went down to Coronodo for their big parade, and followed that with a concert in the park. It was so fun hanging out with friends. It was a long day, and I thought for sure Kaylee wouldn't last to see the fireworks. She took a quick nap in the car on the way home though, and that did the trick.
Charlie pretty much slept through the parade and had to go down for bed before fireworks, so we couldn't walk down to the bay like we normally do. Instead, we got some blankets and went up on the roof. Apparently we weren't the only ones with that idea. The neighbors were up there too, and it was so fun to meet up on the roof tops and ohh and ahh over the fireworks together.

Kaylee was astonished! She liked the fireworks, but she LOVED being up on the roof the most. She tried to convince us to stay up there all night.

I took the kids to the park this evening, and when we got home she asked if we could go up on the roof and watch the fireworks again. I kindly explained that they only come once a year, worried she would get upset. She just shrugged her shoulders and said, "oh, okay, maybe tomorrow night?" Well, I'll keep it at that for now.... hope you had a happy fourth!


Alliegatorfables said...

How fun! Love that outfit! You are so talented!

Barley Family said...

Yes that is the cutest outfit!! :) I'm excited to see how the Mulan outfit turns out :)

Man, we should have come over to your place to watch fireworks, you probably had a great view!

Nana Banana said...

That outfit is so cute. I can't believe you made that and without a pattern. (You sure don't take after me.) Kaylee looks like she really enjoyed the roof top adventure. Great Idea!

TUTU Monkey said...

That outfit was the red hat with it..:)

So fun haning out with you are the best!!

my little buttercup said...

Thanks ladies, so kind.

Mom, you are so funny, I did start with a pattern for the top, I just changed it a bit... But, you are right, I don't think I got my sewing talents from you :)