Tuesday, September 15, 2009

slip sliding away

It all started with a birthday trip for my mom, when she requested that they stay at a nice hotel that the kids could enjoy too! Their first stay was at the Torrey Pines Lodge. Beautiful, but not too many kids around.

Now each time they come to visit they try to outdo their last hotel. This time they stayed at the Hyatt on Mission Bay. This was amazing for the kids, but a little too packed full of kids for my parents.

That didn't stop Kaylee from taking full advantage of what the hotel had to offer. She was cruising down the BIG slide, which she could only go down because she is very tall for her age.

It was great, because they also had a gradual walk-in pool, and all of this gave Kaylee the confidence to start putting her head under and swimming. Kyle brings the kids to the beach a lot and takes them in the ocean so she was starting to get more brave there. He then moved over to the Bay because there are no waves there and Kaylee can stand on her own. Now I just have to find some swim lessons so she really gets going and doesn't lose the momentum.

Mom and dad, come visit anytime....

First came daddy, and then Kaylee

Kaylee laughing after her big slide, and Kaylee getting the hang of swimming!


Jill said...

Love love love her suit!!! Too cute!!! I can not believe how big she's gotten :)

Barley Family said...

Alright, forget sneaking in to the marriott, we're going to the Hyatt! :) ha ha! So fun!

Alliegatorfables said...

Holy cow! is she swimming?