Saturday, September 12, 2009


Kyle had a birthday while we were in Vancouver. I hadn't had much planned, but I found a cute little cupcake store, and decided to surprise him with them.

I picked up the cupcakes and concealed them amongst my other shopping bags, and when Kyle went down to move the rental car, Kaylee and I got the cupcakes out and made a "beautiful" display to surprise Kyle with. For what it is worth, Charlie was very excited about the whole ordeal as well, as he ran back in forth in the hotel room screaming with joy.

Kaylee, who understood the whole idea of the surprise (more than I gave her credit for), picked a hiding spot out behind the shower curtain, and anxiously waited for Kyle to come back up to the room.

I could hear Kyle come to the door, so I told Kaylee to hide. She sprints off, and the door opens.

Holding Charlie, I jump out and yell, "Surprise!"

But, there is no Kaylee.

Kyle, laughing at what a nerd I am, pulls back the shower curtain....there is Kaylee, happily eating her cupcake, looking back at him. She smiles, with frosting all around her mouth and yells, "Surprise!"

The moral of the story...when planning a surprise party with a three year-old, don't leave the cupcakes out in the path to their hiding spot!


TUTU Monkey said...

Ahhhh Happy birthday Kyle!!

Nana Banana said...

Got to love her. She does what we all want to do, grab the chocolate cupcake.