Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

Kaylee started preschool today. She was really excited to be going full day and seeing her friends. It is such an odd feeling I have. I am really excited for her, but of course a part of me misses her. I guess it is that my little girl is growing up! It was actually really nice seeing her old teachers, they were wonderful support for Kaylee (and me), when my mom passed. They gave me a huge hug when we came in and said they were excited about me starting school and to have Kaylee back (I mean how nice is that)!

Kaylee said she wanted to nap today, she hasn't taken a day nap in about 2 years, so it isn't going to happen, but I sent her with all her stuff anyways. They have these cute little cots they lay out for the nappers, and I know she really just wants to try one of those out! I wonder how long she will sit there before she realizes it wasn't as awesome as she had hoped!

Here is to being another year older, and new beginnings! Cheers...


TUTU Monkey said...

I thought maybe you put one of your back to school pictures up here.......MAN she looks so much like you!!


Barley Family said...

I'm so glad she loves her school. I was thinking today after dropping off Caylin, can't they be in preschool forever!