Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 3...Cushions

That is right, I am finally getting my couch cushions done! This challenge is working! I wish I could get the whole couch done in one day! It is going to take a few...

My new rug arrived this morning too. It has been so awesome to wake up and seriously get stuff done! Now, off to the dentist..ugh! My goal is to get the back cushions done today...wish me luck! I think I will need it.

PS: The adorable pumpkin was a gift from Pam Small. They were very reasonably priced, and has been one of my favorite gifts. It has a little Cinnamon stick as the stem..too cute! If she makes some more this year I will have to post how to get them... can you believe it is already fall!


Rayray Girls said...

i swear you are running a little sweat shop over there on arroyo drive. If you start shipping Nikes, I am going to report you. lol. loves

Barley Family said...

Man, give mamma a little time and things start movin'! Love what you're doing! :)