Thursday, February 5, 2009

A fun Valentine's Project - Making a no-sew throw.

I have a client who likes to place an order every holiday for her grand-kids. For Valentine's Day she asked for fleece throws that were personalized. To be honest, I had no plan at all when she asked, but since I have an illness of not being able to say no, I just figured something out!

Of course Kaylee was driving me nuts wanting to help, so I finally gave in, and actually it turned out to be a lot of fun. I thought I would share the project since it takes no sewing skill (Amber and Stacia, this ones for you), and you might enjoy doing it with your kids.

So first you need to buy the fabric. Most fleece fabrics come in 60in. wide bolts, you may just want to make sure of that before you get it cut. Decide on the size you want, and make sure you get enough for a front and back.

1. Cut your fabric to the size you want the blanket. Have two identical pieces. I used rectangles, but I did think it would have been cute to make a heart shaped throw too. Place your two pieces down flat in an area you can work in for a bit (the whole process will go much easier if you don't have to move. Make sure to place the wrong sides of fabric together, so the right side is facing the outside. Pin the fabrics together so they don't shift while you are working.

2. Next, with the two pieces on top of one another, cut the 4 corners. This is going to determine how big your trim is. Make sure you use a square template, so that your trim is the same length all the way around. I used a snack sized tuperware (don't get jealous of my superior sewing tools). You could even just make a square template out of paper and use that. I let Kaylee hold the tuperware in place as I cut out the squares.

3. Now all the way around cut about 1 inch thick sized strips. I let Kaylee help with that too (well at least I let her think she was helping because her hands were on the sissors). I probably would have let her do some herself, but not ona blanket I was making for a client....

4. Just double knot the stips together, and you are done! (a little hint: don't make the knots too tight, becuase it will make the blanket look uneven).

Good Luck, let me know if any of you attempt it!


Jamie B said...

So cute!! I think I have to make one of these for my niece!! Love it!

Nana Banana said...

So cute and so easy,I think? Love projects you can do with your kids.
Love the fabric also.

* TONYA * said...

ooh, that's such a cute idea. I'm adding it to the growing list of projects I want to do ... one of these days :)