Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New York, New YOOOORRK! (you're lucky there is not sound on here)!

I begin with the sad news which is that Kyle's grandma passed away recently. She was a wonderful woman, who lived a long, fulfilled life, and will be greatly missed.

The silver lining is that we got to see the "East Coast" side of the family and I got a surprise trip to the city for a parents day out.

It is so taboo to talk of funnerals like they were enjoyable, but I have to say, this was my best funneral yet!

All kidding aside the funneral itself was not fun, of course. We (the kids and I) really only attended for support. The kids had no idea what was go on, and just wanted to play with their cousins the whole time. That part was fun. We rarely get to see that side of the family since it is so hard to get back East. It is always surprising to me, even at such a young age how family is just comfortable around family. Kaylee just played the whole time with the "big girls," and Charlie, well, he just got passed around and kissed and hugged and craddled (he loved it by the way).

The next day we woke up, and Kyle said, let's go, we are going into the city. He had the whole day planned with the help of Tory (an ex-concierge) who knew everything there was to know.

We took the train in (while it was snowing), very cool for Califonians, probably not that cool for New Yorkers. I really never have been to New York City, so I was just in awe. New York is the only city I know where everyone is still out and about walking the streets even late at night, when it is SNOWING! It is also the only city where you can see Elmo walking down the street, as if it is normal.

Although Kyle had some things planned; brunch at the Eatery (awesome), a dinner reservation off broadway, and why off broadway you ask....because he had two tickets to WICKED....AHHH...SCREAM. I was SO excited. I would have been happy just seeing it at the kids theater up the street, but on Broadway...so cool. Before that, we had time to waist and he asked me what I would like to do.

Well, I thought, how could I put it so that I din't look totally pathetic (there really was no way)... "I want to see were all the celebrities live and work."

What was so funny is that I kept feeling like I was going to see celebrities. At dinner I kept looking at this woman, and maybe tried to listen in on her conversation a few times...she just looked famous. Kyle kept getting annoyed, saying, "you're staring.." By the end of the night a woman came up and said she really enjoyed her performance. She was a broadway star! That is just so cool to me. I think it just takes so much more talent to do something like that compared to something on a screen. Not like I said anything, or did anything, except of course whiper across the table, "I told you so."

I guess the biggest thing was how different life was over there. I definitely want to go back and experience more. We'd like to take Kaylee to a show because she just loves them, and when I brought her back the program from Wicked, she just thought it was the best gift EVER! So glad, because I felt bad that I just couldn't reason buying a $95 American Girl doll! I'm not exaggerating, $95! The whole shop was totally crowded and a bit scary. You could even dine with your doll. Of course we left feeling a bit ridiculous for even going in, and I turned to Kyle and said, "I must admit, I would have a good time making Kaylee and her doll matching outfits."

Anyhow, we still have to tell Kaylee the story of Wicked before bed each night, so it must have been good!


Nana Banana said...

So thoughtful of Kyle and so exciting for you. Glad you had a great time in NY. Sorry about Grandma Joyce, she was so lovely and so very generous.

Erin said...

Cool! I've never been to NYC. Sounds like a fun place to visit...but I probably wouldn't want to live there.

Jamie B said...

YAY for surprises!! I can't beleive how much Chrarlie looks like daddy in that second photo!! Glad you guys had a good time!! I want to go to New York now!!

Barley Family said...

What a bittersweet trip. I'm so glad you and Kyle got a day out, and how cool of him to come up with such a fun plan!!! I love NY, it's a great place to visit. So awesome you got to see Wicked on Broadway!!!

The Killingbecks said...

Sorry to hear about Kyle's grandmother.

I miss being so close to the city. We used to take the train in. Glad you guys got to take advantage of it. Kudos to Kyle for taking you to a Broadway show.

Proud mommy of Two said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, but glad you were able to have a fun time!

Rev D said...

Ha! Dave just saw the picture of Charlie and Ted and said that Charlie looks like he is in a serious meeting with a politician! It's so true!!!