Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anyone want to Hula!

A Special Hawaiian suit for a special Hula girl

Last week we celebrated little Maggie's first birthday Hawiian sytle! Kaylee had a blast dressing up and playing with friends. She didn't want to leave saying, "but we haven't done the hula yet!" I had a blast making a little bikinni for the birthday girl! It was a little big, but the smallest size I offer.
I also decided to make Kaylee a "grass skirt" out of fabric remanats and beads I had around the house. It turned out pretty cute!
Happy Birthday adorable Maggie!


TUTU Monkey said...

So cute!!

Man Miss K sure looks like you!!! So beautiful!!

Nana Banana said...

Beautiful Baby, beautiful suit and beautiful Kaylee.

Adrienne said...

Colleen! Your stuff is SO cute!!! That baby is adorable! And Kaylee... she is a model! Such great pictures!!! :)

Kelly said...

The bikini for Maggie is ADORABLE! And I LOVE the grass skirt you just "threw together" for Kaylee. You are one talented Mama---and between you and Dana--you both sure make me want to have a girl---maybe there's still time. Ha ha. Cute, cute stuff!

Rayray Girls said...

love the pic of our girls! too cute!