Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rehearsal dinner and wedding.

The wedding day has come for my friend Adrienne. The kids and I were all in the wedding, and we had a BLAST! The dresses were a huge hit, and although Charlie didn't care much for walking down the aisle, Kaylee was happy to take center stage -throwing petals, speaking in the microphone, and dancing the night away!

Of course, I decided the day before, that I should make Kaylee an outfit for the rehearsal dinner. I am not sure why I always decide to do these things at the last minute...I guess I must like the challenge. There were so many flower girls, and Kaylee LOVED being paired with a "big girl." I basically got the night off, as the "big girl," watched Kaylee all night, at the wedding and the rehearsal dinner!

So, somehow it was decided that poor Rachel carry Charlie down the aisle...this picture says it all:

A few of us might have had too good of a time with the "photo booth." First is Rachel and Kaylee, and then the bridesmaids. What a fun idea!

This was the scene at the end of the night! One of the best weddings I have been to. Great people, great place, and built in babysitters :).

(Congratulations Adrienne and Dave and looking forward to seeing you this weekend)


Nana Banana said...

It was so nice to see how happy Adrienne was, she and Dave make a perfect couple. The wedding was lovely and the children all looked darling. Thanks for including us in this special day.

Rayray Girls said...

colleen, the dresses are amazing! You continue to surprise me everyday with your creativity. Love you! Dude, seriously, how is that little girl carrying char?