Thursday, October 22, 2009

It is that CrAzY time of year again!

So, I have learned since I got into the "handmade" business, that once Halloween hits, buckle down and hold on tight cause the storm is-a-coming! With the holidays, craft shows, and (in our houshold) birthdays, things can get a little bit crazy.

Last year, I just couldn't even muster the time and energy to throw Kaylee a birthday party, so to relieve my guilt (which is solely there because of me), I decided to throw a big old bash this year!

How am I going to do this (honestly, I am still not sure)- I am starting the planning now.

Kaylee liked the Alice and Wonderland theme with a Mad Hatters Tea Party! I found wonderful inspiration from other bloggers, and have a running list of all I want to do. Here are some of the photos ( all taken by Jessica Claire)

And, I have an ACE in my back pocket! My ever so talented friend Jaime with So Divine Designs is making the invitations. She has just sent me a mock up and they are BaNaNaS (that means awesome if you don't know)!

Now, I just have to follow through with the rest of the stuff to meet everyones expectations after they get that beautiful invitation (YIKES) . If you haven't visited So Divine Designs yet, take a peak. Jamie is extremely talented with invitations and also designing logos.

I will follow-up this post with the actual birthday pictures (maybe I can call in another fabulous friend to help:)) and will make sure to include the invitations for all of my 'blogger friends" to see too!


Jamie B said...

Aww thanks!! You're so sweet! You are one brave woman!! I could never post my inspiration because I'm not that confident about my follow through abilities. :) Can't wait to see everything, and I'm hoping that I will be recovered enough to make the drive down too see it in person. :)

Barley Family said...

Ok girl, expectations are high! :) just kidding!! I hope that fab friend you would like to help with fab photos is me cause this sounds like a super fun photo op!

April said...

Ambitious! We can't wait for the tea party!

TUTU Monkey said...

What fun ideas......can't are always so inspirational in with you ideas!!!!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I love the theme you've chosen and can't wait to see photos...don't worry, you'll pull it all off! I'm off to check out Jamie's site.