Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party, Party, Party!

So, we have had a lot of parties the past few weeks, life is fun!
Fabulous Mom's Halloween Party.

The Firefighter Ball.

Carving Party in Carlsbad.

(Kaylee's cute bow is from tutmonkey)


Adrienne said...

Ha! When I first read "Carving Party" I read CRAVING party! I looked at the pictures and thought... Yes, I crave those things too! What a great idea for a party! But alas... It was a carving party!! Colleen!, you look amazingly beautiful in the firefighter ball picture!

TUTU Monkey said...

Yummmm the carving party looked delicious!!

You guys look so good at your "prom".....:)

Loved hanging out with you guys last night....

Anonymous said...

I miss partying with you girls.

You looked fabulous at the Firefighter ball.