Sunday, October 11, 2009

We're coming Alice...

I realized the other day why God gave me a girl.

I grew up with all brothers and although I didn't suffer by any means, the sheer embarrassment of admitting I wanted to attend a ballet or be a "princess" was enough this girl could handle.

Well now...I get to do all that stuff, and what's more? I have a daughter who may enjoy theater more than me (really not sure what I am supposed to do with that?)!

So, the other day I find out that the California Ballet Company is doing a production of Alice in Wonderland. I go down to the ticket window (the day of the performance no doubt) to get two tickets.

Kaylee and I get dressed up for the occasion. They told me the attire was "Sunday brunch." Oh right, I know exactly what that is?

We show up, park, and as we enter the building a young teen (one of the cards in the show) is selling programs.

Oh, of course I have to buy a program. The seller is very taken by Kaylee's excitement and I think her gold sparkly shoes helped, so she gives me a wink and says, 'if you get the program signed by the lead dancer, you get to meet Alice backstage after the show."

I (i mean Kaylee) starts jumping up and down with enthusiasm.

We sit in our seats, and wait an excruciating 15 minutes for the show to start.

First is a "classical ballet" then a short intermission and the Alice in Wonderland performance.

Let me tell you. The first 5 minutes were good, then every other second I had Kaylee turning to my ear, and in a voice much louder than an ordinary whisper was asking, "which one is Alice? Is that the rabbit? Why are those guys wearing tights?" - all questions I could not give a good answer to.

I kept smiling, saying "you need to be quiet, just watch the show." Really I was thinking-what the hell is this? Did I just make a huge mistake? How long is this going to last? And, most importantly, Is Alice and Wonderland going to be like this, because you might as well shoot me now!

INTERMISSION- Ahh, we made it!

I encourage Kaylee to get up and walk around. I know... "do you have to go to the bathroom."

"Ummm....yes." she says.

Great, bathroom here we come!

Oh look, the bathroom has these quaint program holders so you don't have to put them on the germ ridden ground, excellent!

(Back in seats, hoping for something less "classical.")

Ahh, there is narration, and humor. Kaylee was thoroughly entertained. Wonderful!

(Show is over-time to go.) Let me just grab my special program. Oh CRAP!!! I left the program in the excellent quaint program holders in the bathroom. Ok, stay calm...maybe it is still there.

(Running to the bathroom, dragging Kaylee)

Not there...crushed!

Well, maybe Kaylee won't remember. Walking towards the exit (eyeing all the attendees with programs...which one of you took ours?).

Out the door...Kaylee is happy and skipping. Climbing the stars in the parking garage, when, the words come out of her little mouth..."Is this where Alice is?"

Oh no! She remembers. "Oh hunny, I left the program in the bathroom and someone took it, so we can't see her now."

So innocent, Kaylee responds, "let's go find the person and tell them it is ours."

Ohh, my heart is breaking...okay, I can at least try...not find the person, but maybe if I talk to someone.

(Back to the theater).

Naturally, I find that one person who you wonder how they even got hired in the first place. I explain our situation. And then get a very bazzar answer. She did mention at the end of her martian talk that all the characters were upstairs at the "tea party" meeting guests.

(running up the stairs).

Kaylee is scared to death of all the characters. Truthfully, I would be scared of a 6 foot rabbit too!

But, we met Alice (after throwing only a few elbows).

(Leaving the theater for the second time).

A young teen smiles and waves as we are leaving. "Oh hey, aren't you the girl that sold us the program when we walked in."


So, I tell her what happened and ask if they have an extra program that we could bring home. Her mom over hears me talking and asks, "did you leave a signed program in the bathroom stale?"

"Why, yes I did."

"Here it is, I found it and picked it up. I was shocked to look inside and see that it was a signed copy. Alice is upstairs now, because no one showed up to meet her backstage." Son of a bitch...I should of just showed up at the door they had said, and told my story. It crossed my mind, but I thought I would look like a liar.

In the end, we left with our program, a picture of Alice, and most of all a fabulous day for just us girls!


Barley Family said...

Ahhh, what a great story!! and what a great mommy and daughter day!! So glad it turned out with such a happy ending :)

Nana Banana said...

The days of trying to slip one by Kaylee are long gone. Glad my princesses had fun.

Kelly said...

All I can say is, "Whew!" It sounds like a wonderful girls' day out, and happy everything turned out in the end.

Janis said...

Kaylee looks more and more like you every day! What a fun day!

Kevin said...

So.. let me make sure I got all this...

1. Go to a ballet expecting to have fun.
2. No fun, go to bathroom.
3. Leave pamphlet in bathroom.
4. Pamphlet = ticket to see Alice.
5. Ask if you can go in anyway.
6. They let you in.

Way to never give up! Your perseverance is quite laudable, I must admit. Coll, I just had a long talk with Chris and Brian and we are all truly sorry that you didn't get to attend ballet's as a child. However, I don't think you would appreciate ballet's as much today, nor would you have gone back in for Kaylee had we let you go to ALLLL those ballet's you were always begging to attend. I also find it a little funny that you were always to embarrassed to "admit" you wanted to be a princess, as you had no problem demanding that we treat you like one.... :) Love you