Thursday, September 30, 2010

B is for...

Baby Brennan's Baptism.

My little nephew was batized this past weekend. I was the godmother and I helped my Sister-in-law prepare for the party. I created the logos, and the whole yard was decorated in grey, yellow, and white...I will post more pictures later (I left my computer up there, ay, ay, ay).

B is also for Baseball and burnt out!

I was so tired from our trip (Kaylee and I drove up to Santa Rosa and back, while Kyle and Charlie went camping with friends). Every night I stayed up late drinking wine and chatting and then woke up early. Getting home, it was back to school for the kids and organizing for me. Last night my awesome husband took the kids to the Padre's game, and I got the night off (phew).

B is for Brave!

Brave, that's right! I have decided that changing my direction and going after my dreams at my age is brave! I often would battle with being content with staying home with my kids my whole life. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing, I throughly enjoyed and feel blessed that I got to stay home with my kids while they were infants, but I also worried about what I was going to do as they got older.
I moved towards teaching before Kaylee was born thinking the schedule would be perfect, but I didn't really love it, or have a passion for it, so, going back to it, was hard to talk myself into.
Then, so my mind wasn't always occupied with poopy diapers and developmental milstones, I got into the business of crafting. I really enjoyed it at first, but realized shortly afterwards that the time that would go into hand-crafted items was never going to be worth what you made in the end. With that said, I was looking to outsource my designs and learning all I could about the industry. After the maufactoring licenses (most people don't even know they need), and the sales, and tons of clothing I was going to produce, I stepped away...The truth is it was never my intention to produce a million outfits, so I could make a couple of bucks off of each one. It just seemed so wasteful, and took everything out of the crafting/design industry that I did like, which was producing and owning one of-a-kind things.
I start classes on Monday, and I can't express how excited I am (a tad nervous too), but mostly excited.


Janis said...

B is for "Bet you're going to rock your classes!" Good for you - you are going to do great.

Alliegatorfables said...

So happy for you and proud of you!

TUTU Monkey said...

Bold....Bang up..Blooming....Bountiful....Beautiful.......Bastoff....Bright.....Bliss!! More "B" words that describe your new adventure and how great you are going to do!! I wish you nothing but the BEST!!