Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Mom, I want to be....

I am not going to lie, this costume was not easy to figure out, but I didn't want to tell her it wasn't possible.

So, I did my best, and she loved it, which was the point. Kyle says she is going to kill me in 10 years for making this one, but I think it is funny. It is much more creative than her usual princess request! We will see what she comes up with next year!
Charlie of course wanted to be old lightyear! His head was so big, the helmet part didn't really fit, so by that night, he was over it. Once he understood that people were handing out free candy, he was a trick-or-treating maniac. He mostly just echoed his sister, but the funniest part was at the end of the exchange of candy, Kaylee would say "thank you," the owner would say, "your welcome." Charlie, who was doing his best to keep up, copied the last words said, so as he walked off candy in hand he would yell back "your welcome," followed by a "let's do another house." I am pretty sure he takes the cake for the ruddiest trick-or-treater ever and yet was loved by everyone!

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Barley Family said...

Oh my gosh, love it! ha ha It turned out cute! You are so stinkin' creative! :) Miss you!!