Monday, January 26, 2009

Why you don't bring kids to weddings!

***One funny story, I have to share***
So as I wrote below, we went to Washington for a friends wedding in January. Kaylee decided from the start that the wedding was thrown for her. First was the parade (the wedding party procession). She decided that Kyle was getting married because he was part of the wedding party. Apparently a lot of people got married that day. Then came the reception. Kaylee danced from the moment we walked in (even though, it was not time to dance) to the moment we left.
Well, an elderly man decides as a toast to the bride and groom, that he is going to sing a song he wrote to the couple. Kaylee, a little offended that someone is taking up space on her stage, comes and sits down with a puzzled look. This old fart can't have better moves than her.
As the man begins to sing, Kaylee starts making faces, like "who invited this guy." The singing was actually not bad, but because we were right next to the speakers, it was loud. Kaylee, knowing how to solve the problem, simply takes her hands and covers her ears.
Well, that may have made her feel better, but the man was standing right next to our table, as well as the bride and groom. Recognizing how rude this must look, I lowered Kaylee's hands and explained, that it was not nice. The next high note comes, and Kaylee throws up her hands again, and explains that it hurts her ears. We have a silent struggle of lowering and raising her hands to her ears, until she decides she has had enough, and stands up and walks away, so I can no longer pull her hands down.
Now she is walking in circles around this man, as he is singing this heart-felt song, covering her ears the whole time. Our table is of course silently laughing (sort of like how I used to laugh in church as a kid). I couldn't believe it.

***there was more***
The bride and groom, decide to have a cupcake wedding cake. I didn't get a picture, but it was basically tiers of cupcakes in the shape of a wedding cake. They decide, much to my dismay, to place this cupcake cake, right next to the entrance. So, from the start of the reception till Kaylee got a cupcake, she asked it about it every 5 minutes.
As Kaylee is dancing by herself on the dance floor, the DJ announces that it is time to cut the cake (a giant cupcake on the top). I run over to Kaylee and say, "yea, we can have a cupcake now."
Next the bride and groom, come up and say first there are going to be speeches. I sit down and am waiting for the speeches, and then it dawns on me, that I don't see Kaylee. I turn and all the way across the room, there is Kaylee reaching up, about to grab a cupcake off the bottom tier. Running like a mad woman, yelling "NOOOOOOOOOO", I don't get there in time. Kaylee had grabbed the cupcake and got a good tongue full of icing. Not only did the table full of guest see this, but there also was a big hole now in this tower of cupcakes, and they are on their way to cut the cake.
So, I did what any mother would do, I grabbed a cupcake from the middle and moved it to the outside, and hid the cupcake Kaylee had snagged, wiping her face with my hand. They never noticed....


* TONYA * said...

*snickering* and trying not laugh out loud. Oh me, oh my. What a cheeky little girl.

Alliegatorfables said...

I'm glad she got her cupcake-it would have been kind of funny if it fell over. Not now....but years from now. Glad you are abck.

Barley Family said...

Too funny! I totally thought you were going to say that the cake fell over or something! :) ha ha!

TUTU Monkey said...

That is son this picture of her hands over her ears.....

Got to love a yummy cupcake!

April said...

Wow you have your work cut out for you! Thankfully the cake had a strong foundation!

Nana Banana said...

God, you just gotta love that girl.She really knows how to have a good time. Dancing and cupcakes.What could be better?